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​​GP Interior Design has designed and built large scale custom kitchens and some of the smallest studio/loft type kitchens where every inch counts, along with numerous upscale restaurant kitchens through-out New York City. When it comes to designing a kitchen or updating an existing kitchen it takes more than just stopping by your local retailer. Yes, this can be a do it yourself project, but to really create and capture a great design and style you will need to understand who you are designing a kitchen for: Foodie, Cooking Enthusiast, Weekend Kitchen Worrier or the true Chef, along with the architecture and surrounding areas with-in your overall space. Once you understand all of these elements only then you will have the tools needed to create the best design for your new dream kitchen.

GP Interior Design understands the difficulty in selecting a kitchen with all the different styles out there to choose from such as: Nautical, French Country, Tuscan, Victorian, Traditional, and Contemporary to the Ultra-Modern or a mix of styles. We can help you to navigate through witch style and type of kitchen will be the best fit for your space and personal needs from the most outrages to the most conservative. 

GP Interior Design understands the need for a great dining space: from the grand formal dining room to a cozy breakfast nook off your kitchen or just an informal and casual dining room for the everyday use. GP interior Design has the knowledge and just the right design for your next new dream dining room. We can help you get inspired and give you some great design inspiration. We will guide you in designing or selecting chairs or use of benches in place of chairs along with selecting buffets, hutches, china cabinets, custom built-ins, mirrors, wall art, decorative custom painting options, door and window treatments to dramatic lighting options from wall sconces, grand chandler’s to modern light fixture. Maybe you need lighting that will give you more options to mixed and match or change later. Selecting the correct lighting will bring your design to the next level. All of us at GP Interior Design believe selecting just the right dining room furniture is the start to a spectacular and dramatic space. Whether you want to design custom dining room furniture or select furniture form a design showroom we will help you understand the different types and styles to choose from Lucite, Glass, Wood and all types of Metal options like Brass, Stainless and Chrome to Nickel plated and so on. We will help you understand the different finish options that will work best with your overall design concept and styling. Flooring and or rug selection is another important element that needs to be carefully thought-out. Most people don’t pay much attention to this element in a room. We believe that this is a chance to show off your creative side and to do something outside the box whether it’s done with a splash of color, dramatic textures or layering materials, this will bring just the right warmth and style to any great dining space.  

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Living Rooms

​​GP Interior Design loves working with kid’s rooms and nurseries. This is where you can get creative and push the envelope in color and let your imagination guide you in creating your child’s dream room. Whether the dream room is whimsical, action, garden, fairy tail, super hero, spots themed, maybe a design in a traditional or contemporary styling will fit what you are looking for. No matter what style kid’s bedroom we can help you and your little one’s dreams come true. In most cases designing and creating these types of rooms are easier than it would seem. Designing a kid’s room or nursery can be similar to designing a stage set for theater and can be accomplished in many ways. One way is using custom furniture and fixtures with lots of details and storage options along with hand painted walls to match your selected motif.

To a more cost friendly approach by selecting furniture and fixtures form a design showroom and using wall stickers or vinyl decals, to capture your little ones dream room. Traditional and contemporary room designs/styles really take a bit more time to find that great balance between color and texture along with selecting furniture and fixtures that still say kid’s room but with a touch of a grownups flair and sophistication. Lighting in these type of room designs play a huge part in capturing a unique essence and richness to the overall feel and styling of the room, so remember to think outside of the box when choosing lighting for these design styles. 

​​GP Interior Design can help you get inspired and give your bedroom its inspiration and style. We offer a full range of design options for any bedroom size and style form Cottage, Nautical, Country, Contemporary or Modern. We can help you learn how to pull together all the elements that make a beautiful bedroom: from paint colors, flooring to furniture selection. How to use some of your favorite furniture peaces or how to transform your old furniture into something brighter and beautiful to create that dream bedroom you always wish for. If you are looking for a one of a kind bedroom we would love to work with you on designing all your furniture and fixtures to create that one of a kind look with all the personal touches you are looking for in a bedroom. We can guide you in picking just the right types of woods / metals or other materials along with helping you understand what finishes work best with your design and style. We will give you all our knowledge on bedroom lighting to give you a better understanding of what lighting works with your space and why others don’t. We will guide you in selecting just the right wall sconces, table lamps, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers or even accenting your space with LED lighting. Selecting the correct lighting will turn your space from dull to spectacular. We will help you to select spectacular window treatments, wall art, closet storage options, bedding along with selecting the correct throw pillows. We will provide you with the correct size, shape, and patterns what will give your design a cozy and unique feel. Even help you with accessories to minimize the look of clutter to insure you have all your comforts that will tie-in with your overall design theme.

   Dinning Rooms

​​GP Interior Design understands that your bathroom is a functional space that should have style and beauty with features that will make you and your guest say WOW! Whether you are looking to complete a bathroom remodel or a simple bathroom update. 

GP Interior Design is here to help you with your master bath, half bath, guest bath, or all of the above. We will guide you in creating a master bath designed with organization using materials that are durable and sustainable that can handle daily wear and tear with a style that makes you feel like a pampered guest in your own home. For your guest bath, to ensure your visitors have a bathroom that is spectacular and well-planned out full of special touches that make them feel like it’s a home away from home. We'll show you how to mix and match materials, how to add color and select just the right wall treatments along with tile design. We will give you some great ideas on how to soften up the hard edges that typically come with bathrooms. We will help you to learn how to select all the elements

that make a beautiful bathroom: vanities, vanity tops, backsplash options, mirror options/styles, paint colors, wall paper to custom printed wall paper, flooring, trim options, furniture, lighting, window treatments, shower & bathtubs, glass enclosures to faucets & fixtures along with what finish options work best with your overall design and style.

​​GP Interior Design knows the importance of a great living room from the Grand Formal, French Country, Tuscan, Victorian, Traditional and Contemporary to the Ultra-Modern or a mix of styles. GP Interior Design wants you to know that we are here to help you to navigate and choosing just the right design and style that will fit with your homes architecture along with your own personal style or more important, how you what your guest to feel when they walk through your living space, WOWED!. Whether you are looking to start from scratch with a new design or just to freshen up your existing living space, we can help with all the elements needed to create your next new dream living room. We will guide you in color selection, flooring, floor textiles, moldings, paneling and trims options, tapestries, doors and window treatments, along with fabric selections. We can design you custom furniture or handpick furniture from a design showroom. Maybe your living space is calling out for custom fixtures or custom built-ins. GP Interior Design can give you some great design options for your custom fixtures or custom built-ins to take you design to the next level along with finding all the right accessories to tie-in with the overall design concept and styling of your new dream living space.

We will work with you on selecting the correct lighting needed throughout the space to give you and your guests that WOW! This is an incredible space. If you not sure what you need or where to start, Don’t worry! GP Interior Design would love to help you to find your path in creating that great new living space!

   Kids Bathrooms

​​​​GP Interior Design feel kid’s bathrooms should be thought as a bit of a play area with some safe but fun elements throughout. Don’t be afraid of using color here, and just one thing to keep in mind when it comes to kids bathrooms: kids are messy! GP Interior Design understands the challenges that come with designing a bathroom for kids when the space you have to work with is less than your needs. We can help you approach the design process in a way that lets you see your space in a new light. Whether you are looking for a themed designed bathroom or something more toward functional and kid friendly to help your little ones keep their toys and bathroom articles organized, we have just the right design concept for you and your little ones. Remember one thing kids love colorful and fun rooms, so if your design is just that, then when it is time for that bath or brushing of their teeth, it just might become a lot easier in a newly design bathroom just for them.  


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